5 Main Reasons Cancer Patients Are Dying

5 Reasons Cancer Patients Are Dying
Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be scary and overwhelming. There are many cancer treatment options out there and alternative cancer treatment is also something that many patients are interested in. If you or your loved one has recently learned they have cancer, doing research about what options are available is paramount to success. Unfortunately, there are many cancer patients that are dying at rapid rates and we’ve narrowed down the five main reasons that we believe cancer patients are dying.

The patient did not receive the correct treatment.

After receiving your diagnosis, making the right treatment decision is important. However, many patients are not given a well-rounded treatment plan and are instead given a “one-size-fits-all” course of treatment that may or may not always work. Begin by keeping in mind what type of cancer you have, what stage it is at, and what treatment options were made available to you. Ask your medical team about how likely those treatments are to work for you and your specific case. Read trustworthy sources online as well as books and other educational resources to help increase your understanding when it comes time to meet with your doctors. Not receiving the correct treatment can be avoided by asking a lot of questions and searching for alternative therapies that have helped make cancer patients get healthy again.

There was not enough money to pay for additional care.

Money is often a stress for patients that have received a cancer diagnosis, simply because they will be in and out of medical appointments for a long duration of time. Insurance will usually cover specific treatments and patients often must use this as their primary method of getting treated. Paying for additional care that is outside of insurance can be expensive and many cancer patients don’t have the extra money set aside for this type of care.  

The patient did not stick with treatment for a long enough time.

Specific cancer treatments will require dedicated time and perseverance. Side effects of treatment may be uncomfortable and tiring and it will also cause a significant adjustment to the lifestyle that you were used to living. There are many reasons why patients may give up early on their courses of treatment, but by doing that, they could be putting their bodies at risk and could be opening the risk of having the cancer spread to other areas.  

Treatment did not start soon enough after the diagnosis.

Once a diagnosis is made, it’s incredibly important to get a plan of action created as soon as possible. Talk to your doctor about what the recommended course of treatment is and if you don’t understand it completely or you want to consider alternative therapies, now is the time to ask questions and do research. Delaying treatment could be a devastating choice, as it could allow the cancer to grow and spread.

There was lack of preventative care and education for the patient.

Just like you take care of your car with regular oil changes and tune-ups, so your body should be checked up on routinely with effective preventative care appointments. Patients that have ignored those are don’t think they are necessary could be putting themselves at risk. Cancer can oftentimes be treated effectively if it’s caught early enough. So be sure to educate yourself and stay on top of routine medical appointments that can help you stay healthy.  

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