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Bryce D Wolcott, MC

Bryce joined us at Causenta after a 15-year career as a science teacher. In the classroom, Bryce has experience teaching a variety of courses, from freshman Biology to college-level Human Anatomy and Physiology. He is a graduate of UC Berkeley, where he studied biomechanics (finishing with an MA in Integrative Biology). A lifelong learner, Bryce recently finished a master’s degree in Medical Nutrition at Arizona State University.

Bryce’s unique background as a scientist, teacher, and coach has given him the tools to create individualized training programs and explain their scientific basis, in an educational and motivating manner. Incorporating movement, strength, and conditioning into a comprehensive treatment plan has allowed Bryce to help patients with a variety of conditions and backgrounds live more fulfilling lives. Clients improve their quality of life during treatment by increasing strength and mobility, allowing them to gain independence, and valuable time with their families.

As a valuable member at Causenta, Bryce uses his knowledge and experience as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) to design exercise programs and work with our expert doctors to successfully integrate magnetic fields, light, ozone, and neuromuscular electrical stimulation therapies into exercise and conditioning programs. He also works with the Dietician and Naturopathic Doctor on staff to provide personalized guidance on diet and nutrition, as well as supplementation.

With his diverse background, Bryce understands how important strength is to allow patients to fight off disease. Many patients become so focused on the disease itself they forget if you cannot stand, you can’t move, and if you can’t move you get weaker faster and eventually succumb to the very disease you are trying to fight. His expertise in getting people stronger, while helping them stay out of pain, helps improve the quality of life for our clients during and after treatments.

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