Dr. Kristy Anderson, NMD

Dr. Anderson is an accomplished nationally and internationally studied Naturopathic physician in the areas of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), pain management, injection therapies, orthopedic conditions, cancer support, and the treatment of chronic and degenerative diseases.

Dr. Anderson was the Medical Education Advisor and later the Medical Advisor for the United States subsidiary of a leading international homeopathic pharmaceutical company, Heel, Inc., for almost 10 years.

During that tenure, she studied with world-renown experts, while lecturing nationally and internationally as a leading authority for the industry. She has lectured and instructed physicians from around the globe on various treatment modalities to optimize patient outcomes. Dr. Anderson continues to stay involved in the international homeopath regulatory community by maintaining her active membership in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia Convention of the United States (HPCUS) and serves on two review committees. Dr. Anderson currently maintains a medical license in Arizona.

Dr. Anderson’s knowledge in global medical technologies and treatments allows her to bring this expertise to her patients and provide world-class care in the heart of Arizona, at the leading-edge wellness and cancer center, Causenta. At Causenta, we excel at obtaining results quickly, painlessly, and permanently, through extensive testing and complete genome mapping. The technology and knowledge assembled at Causenta is unlike anything else known in the medical community and, not available anywhere else in the world. This allows us to treat complex issues from multiple points to enable the resolution of symptoms quickly. The extensive technology and medical team at Causenta work to correctly identify and correct the root cause of the disease state, so complete resolution may be achieved by the patient. Dr. Anderson and her team find the optimal treatment for each patient and provide the perfect combination of modalities and medicines to bring resolution to patients’ health conditions.

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