About Causenta Wellness

Causenta Wellness Mission Statement

With all the new technologies coming out in healthcare, we think caring, kindness, and connecting to people will get lost. We want to create the hospitality of the Four Seasons/Ritz Carlton combined with the customer service of Amazon/Netflix combined with the resources of Mayo Clinic/Cleveland Clinic combined with the technology of NASA/MIT, combined with the spirituality and wisdom of Ghandi/Dahli Llama. We believe we can do this.

Causenta Wellness Vision

To be the leader for one stop health, fitness and performance solutions worldwide by creating an experience so unique Causenta is the only place to receive it. We want to permanently eradicate disease from the future of mankind.

Causenta Wellness Core Values

T ‐ Therapeutic breakthrough ‐ innovative therapies based on root causes,

H ‐ Hope for the future ‐ urgency to help people; compassion, spirituality, meaning, urgency to help clients ‐‐ getting to root causes leads to hope and thriving in the end….

R ‐ “Ritz‐Carlton” Customer service ‐ customer service + fun + relaxing atmosphere = great client experiences at every touchpoint of every vertical.

I ‐ Individualized healthcare solutions ‐ root causes of illness and less than desirable health means looking at each client as a unique individual human being;

V ‐ Vigorous scientific research and diagnostics ‐ determined medical detectives looking for root causes, skilled medical IT experts, access to top labs; we “crack the code”

E ‐ Excellence in everything ‐ top labs, facilities, qualifications, feedback from former clients, attitude to go beyond good, to great…

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