Your Advanced Causenta Quickstart Program

Follow these three simple steps to get started immediately:

1. The initial Quick Start fee is $1400. This secures your in depth consultation by phone or in person by one of our CAUSENTA care specialists

Depending on your case, this time includes a review of all health records, talking to the patient, family members and/or other personnel and preparing recommendations.

During your consultation we will perform an in depth review of all areas of your health.

We provide strategic recommendations as to what lab tests to get, additional assessments, what to do for sleep, exercise, diet, supplements and if necessary drugs and or treatment plans.

2. Complete our “Root Cause Consult” questionnaire.

Upon receipt of your payment you will then receive an email from and with instructions on filling out our “Root Cause” consult questionnaire.

This in depth but un-intrusive questionnaire will better help us understand everything related to your individual health, performance and well being. We leave no stone unturned here so it’s important to fill this out in as much detail as possible.
This form is easy to fill out but it is VERY important and may take a bit of time.

Should you need assistance filling it out a member of our client services team will happily go through it with you over the phone.

*Important note* Please add our emails and to your safe senders list in your mail client to ensure you receive our emails.


3. Schedule your advanced quickstart consultation

Once you have completed your “Root Cause Consult Questionnaire” and patient registration, we can schedule your consultation. Due to high demand we recommend you schedule your consult within 24 hrs of completing your forms. Never put your health on the back burner. It is too important.


When you’re the patient and when you’re in pain and suffering – the last thing you want is someone guessing about what’s causing your pain and suffering…

At Causenta – we don’t play guessing games with your health. Click below to end your pain and frustration once and for all…

IMPORTANT: The $1,400 fee includes the following:

  • A comprehensive review of your health history (including exercise, previous lab test results, radiology reports, etc)
  • A review of your current health concerns and symptoms
  • Individualized Health Recommendations to start feeling better immediately!

The $1,400 fee does not include:

  • Lab test fees for additional recommended testing
  • Review of new lab results
  • Additional consultation in the future with our health care professionals

The $1,400 fee is non-refundable. Please give at least 24 hours notice for cancellations or to reschedule or you will be charged a $100 late cancellation fee.

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