Are there any effective treatments for ALL besides chemotherapy?

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By: Dr. Thomas Incledon

Are there any effective treatments for ALL besides chemotherapy?

Acute lymphocytic leukemia, ALL, can be treated effectively. Standard of care treatment most often includes chemotherapy and targeted drugs that kill these cancer cells, but do not fall into the chemotherapy category.

Because ALL is an aggressive cancer that progresses quickly, seeking treatment immediately following diagnosis is imperative to successful treatment. The nature of the disease also means treatment is harsh on the body.

One type of treatment that has assisted in the treatment of ALL is the hyperoxidated stress protocol. This includes the use of any substance – vitamin, mineral, drug, or machine – that increases the production of reactive oxygen species in the body. “This is important because oxygen can be used to target the mitochondria in cancer cells, which are usually neglected” says Dr. Tom Incledon of Causenta. “Typically, the target is the nucleus of the cell because it’s the control center. The idea being, you kill the center, the cancer cells can’t replicate.”

However, new findings show that cancer cells can fix themselves, making it ineffective to only focus on a cell’s nucleus. “Basically, think of a balloon,” says Incledon. “You pop it and it starts to deflate, but then it magically repairs itself and starts to inflate. So, you keep popping, but you can’t deflate the balloon.”

Substances such as Tylenol, aspirin, Celebrex and metformin, as well as other medicines and natural elements have been shown to increase reactive oxygen in the body. These alternative medicines appear to work in partnership with chemotherapy and radiation, as well as by themselves. These additional choices give people more options and effectiveness.

A blood test called CBC (complete blood count), which looks at red and white cells, as well as platelets can show how the body is doing over time and whether or not a count is high or low, is a standard of care practice and diagnostic tool for ALL. At Causenta, we also believe that vitamin and mineral testing is important to think about as well. We test for these levels and will also sometimes perform a spinal tap for additional information about each patient’s specific cancer. We always use information as a team with a “here’s what’s going on and here’s how we are going to treat it” attitude.

At Causenta, we work with each person to kill cancer cells in the body. “When we have patients on site and are doing evaluations, you’ll often hear a doctor say, ‘Take off your shoes and socks,'” says Incledon. “Or, ‘let me look inside your mouth.’ Part of the reason for this is that people can develop opportunistic infections that affect the immune system and the cancer treatment working properly.”

Although these minor problems are not the primary concern, the team at Causenta always addresses them. “We want to fix all the problems for patients,” says Incledon.

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