Science + Performance = Game day

Whether you’re a Professional athlete, amateur athlete, or just a weekend warrior, having your body in optimal condition is essential to competing at the highest level.

Professional and amateur athletes alike face the challenge of gaining legal, ethical and safe advantages over their competition requiring cutting edge training and performance strategies that ad not only longevity, but dominance in your field.

Causenta founder and lead researcher Dr. Thomas Incledon known as “the experts expert” is not only one of the most sought after experts in the world of athletic performance but also someone that competed at the highest levels of sports for many years himself.  Having worked with stars of the NFL, MLB, UFC, NASCAR, CROSSFIT, GOLF and U.S. Olympians he been on both sides of the equation and understands that while athletes tend to focus on the outside of the body, it is the inside where much of the focus should be applied.

Dr Incledons personalized, proven effective strategies are designed to be the right fit for you and your body.  Many athletes unfortunately follow a plan simply because others are doing it.  This is not the approach to take.

Your body is unique and you need a unique approach in order to be at your very best not just occasionally, but every day.

Whether you are looking to improve your speed, strength, flexibility, endurance, reaction time, agility, balance, or just need the optimal eating or nutrition plan Causenta is the place for you.  The biggest sports stars on the world trust Causenta, and so should you.

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You need more than coaches and trainers

But you knew that. And you also know
that causenta_42px Athlete goes way beyond coaching and
training by deploying the power of science and cuttingedge
therapeutics to explode your performance and get you on gameday
highlight reels.

Pro Sports

Professional athletes, MVPs, Olympic medalists and world champions look to causenta_42px Athlete to get a legal, ethical, and safe advantages over their competition on game day. Why aren’t you? Whether you want to make more money or win championships, we can uncover the best types of training, nutrition strategies, supplements and more so you can play at your best.

Weekend Warrior

You may not be competing for an Olympic
gold medal but you still want to win. We can help you play at your
best, at any level, in any league, any place.

Amateur Athletes

Previously amateur athletes didn’t have access to the amazing, cutting edge training and performance strategies pro athletes do. Not anymore.
We bring proven, effective strategies that the pros use to our amateur athletes. While you (or your son or daughter) are young, you must have a focused plan to improve your game. causenta_42px Athlete’s experience with amateur athletes is both balanced and successful. Playing well at this level can determine if you make it to the pros, get into a preferred college or advance in your athletic career. With all the technology current available to help junior athletes becoming superstars, are you sure that you are getting the right help to excel?

Fitness Enthusiast

We will assess all areas of your
fitness and health and make sure you know what options are available
to help you play better than ever before and make it easier to move
up to the next level.

What former clients are saying…

“They gave me that extra edge to go into training camp and mini camps and be seen when I got the opportunity”

Ryan Torain 6’0, 220#

NFL Running Back


Shawnee Mission Northwest High School, Arizona State University

2008 Denver Broncos #42
2010 -2011 New York Giants #41
2012 Washington Redskins # 46

“My ability to handle long, hard
workouts has tripled. It’s kind of an unfair advantage.”

Tim McClellan

Strength Coach Judo National Champion

3 Time Gold AAU National Judo Champion

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