Throw out – well, recycle – your bathroom scale because your body weight is meaningless. Why? Because it doesn’t tell you anything other than how much you weigh.

Ok, that might sound dumb, but think about it. Your body weight doesn’t say anything about how you look or feel, how fat or muscular you are, or how likely you are to end up with heart disease or diabetes.


For example, take a 200 pound, overweight, inactive couch potato, and a 200 pound, lean, physically active athlete. Their body weight is the same, but how they look and feel and how healthy they are are very different.

Weight loss is meaningless, too. When you lose weight according to a scale, you don’t know if you’re losing fat (good) or muscle (bad). You might diet and workout for weeks and not lose any weight or even gain weight (oh no!). This would probably lead to more extreme dieting, longer workouts, or – more likely – you saying f –this and quitting. In reality, it’s very likely that you could be losing fat and adding muscle – especially if you’re an exercise noob – but you would never know that if you’re weighing yourself on a scale.

So what’s the solution? Body fat testing. More specifically, body fat testing using the Bod Pod body composition tracking system.

Scottsdale Bod Pod Testing

The Bod Pod body fat testing and tracking system

Let’s say our aforementioned hypothetical couch potato is 30% body fat and the athlete is 8% body fat. In this case, body fat testing would reveal that the couch potato is carrying 60 pounds of unhealthy, disease-causing fat. Bod Pod body fat testing would reveal that the athlete has only 16 pounds of fat. While both weigh 200 pounds, body fat testing shows us that the athlete is less fat, more muscular, and at a significantly lower risk of developing obesity-related diseases.

Another advantage of Bod Pod body fat testing is that you can track exactly how much fat you’re losing and how much muscle you’re gaining. It is not uncommon for people new to weight training to lose 8-10 pounds of fat and gain 8-10 pounds of lean mass in the first month or two. Bod Pod body fat testing would reveal these exceptional results; a scale would tell you that you haven’t lost a single pound.

Not all types of body fat testing are created equal. At Human Health Specialists, we use only Bod Pod body fat testing because it’s fast, easy, accurate, inexpensive, doesn’t require you to get wet, and doesn’t require you to have your fat pinched. Other popular types of body fat testing like calipers, DEXA, and underwater hydrostatic weighing don’t compare to Bod Pod body fat testing when considering cost, accuracy, and ease of use.

If you’re considering starting a fat loss program or if you’re trying to gain muscle while staying lean, dispose of your bathroom scale in an environmentally friendly fashion and use Bod Pod body fat testing for a more accurate assessment of how your body is actually changing.

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