Scottsdale Bod Pod TestingHow Do You Measure Up?
The Bod Pod in Scottsdale Can Tell You.

For your weight loss, weight gain or weight management goals, having an accurate take on where you’re at is essential for success. You want to gain lean muscle mass and lose fat… and a scale can only tell you if you’re gaining or losing overall.

So What’s The Answer?

Body composition testing with the Bod Pod in Scottsdale. The Bod Pod has revolutionized body composition testing. No longer do you have to subject yourself to embarrassing and sometimes painful fat pinching… that may or may not give you accurate results. You don’t have to submerge yourself in water and try to expel all the air in your lungs – without panicking – to get an accurate reading. And, you don’t need to pay $300 for a test.

All you have to do is sit in an egg-shaped device for less than 5 minutes, breathing normally, and voila! The high-tech Bod Pod in Scottsdale will provide a complete, accurate analysis for you using its patented Air Displacement Plethysmography, which is highly accurate, safe, and fast.

What You Learn with the Bod Pod in Scottsdale

With the Scottsdale Bod Pod, you will receive a complete body composition analysis that includes your:

  • Body mass
  • Fat mass and percent body fat
  • Fat free mass and percent fat free mass (this is lean mass including organs, bones, and muscle)
  • Resting metabolic rate: how many calories you burn per day (if you sit on the couch and don’t move)
  • Energy expenditure: how many calories you burn based on your activity level (customized for your activity level, i.e. sedentary, moderate, active, very active)

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How the Scottsdale Bod Pod Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Knowing exactly where you’re at when you are trying to lose weight or gain muscle mass will help you define your goal, your diet and exercise program and create a reasonable timeline. Many people try BMI calculations, body fat scales, or calipers to measure their body fat but these are inferior methods. The Scottsdale Bod Pod will tell you exactly where you are. It offers the gold standard in body fat measurement and is the fastest, most accurate, and simplest body fat measuring tool around.

With regular body composition testing every 2-4 weeks, you can track the performance of your diet and exercise programs and make changes if they aren’t providing the results you want. Plus, with the free consultation and assessment included in your Bod Pod body composition analysis, we can provide some tips if you’re not seeing the results you want.

If you’re ready to schedule your first appointment with the Bod Pod in Scottsdale, call Human Health Specialists, the premier Scottsdale Bod Pod center at (480) 883-7240.

Why Losing Body Fat is More Important than Losing Weight

That number on the scale doesn’t tell you how healthy you are or exactly how much disease-causing fat you’re carrying. It also doesn’t tell you how much fat burning muscle you have, muscle that gives you a strong, lean, toned physique. Tracking changes in body composition instead of body weight gives you a better gauge of how you’re progressing – whether you’re losing fat, gaining muscle, or both.

Read our article that explains more about why weight loss is meaningless.

Get an Additional $350 in Services for FREE with the Bod Pod in Scottsdale

Not only do you get the fully detailed Bod Pod report when you visit the premier Scottsdale Bod Pod center at Human Health Specialists, you also get a free consultation with a certified Bod Pod Technician and Exercise Physiologist at no additional charge to go over your results and what your report says. During your consultation, you can also discuss your goals, diet, and training and ask any questions you might have on how to reach your body composition goals even faster.

That’s an additional $350 in services you’ll receive with your Bod Pod. Call (480) 883-7240 to schedule your appointment for the Bod Pod in Scottsdale.

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