Bod Pod Body Fat Testing

What is the Bod Pod?

The BOD POD Express Body Composition Tracking System is an air displacement plethysmograph which utilizes whole-body densitometry to calculate body composition. This body composition testing method can be used for adults and children, and a full test requires only about 10 minutes. The test is safe, comfortable and the results are accurate.

Why body fat testing?

Whether you seek a body composition analysis for general health purposes, for weight loss, or for weight gain information, the bod pod can relay valuable body fat testing data.

While a scale merely tells you how much weight you have lost, a body composition test such as Bod Pod will reveal how much of your form is lean body mass (muscle, organs, bone, etc.) and how much is fat. This data is vital whether you are seeking to lose or gain weight, because it is essential that you lose as much fat as possible while maintaining as much muscle as possible.

Purchase a Bod Pod body fat test today for only $69.00!

Purchase a Bod Pod body fat test package today for only $207.00. That’s right buy 3 and get the 4th test for free!


What are the benefits of Bod Pod testing?

Bod Pod body composition measurements, using air displacement plethysmography, allows patients to fully grasp percentages of fat versus lean body mass, and then to make informed decisions regarding lifestyle changes to avoid obesity-related diseases. For example, too much body fat can increase the risk of type II diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and certain types of cancer. Having too little body fat can be problematic as well, and can lead to hormone deficiencies, infertility, an increased risk of osteoporosis and other health issues. The chart below shows ideal body fat ranges for men and women.

Men Women
Risky/too low <5% <14%
Lean 6-12% 15-21%
Moderately Lean 13-20% 22-29%
Overweight 21-30% 30-40%
Obese >30% >40%

Purchase a Bod Pod body fat test today for only $69.00!

Purchase a Bod Pod body fat test package today for only $207.00. That’s right buy 3 and get the 4th test for free!

Is Bod Pod the best body fat testing method?

There are several different methods of body fat testing, including underwater hydrostatic weighing, bioelectrical impedance, dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA), air displacement plethysmography, and calipers. All body fat testing methods have pros and cons, but when you consider the duration, simplicity, price and accuracy of the tests, air displacement plethysmography—using the Bod Pod—is the superior testing method.

Pros and Cons of Various Body Fat Testing Protocols
Test Pros Cons
Bod Pod (air displacement plethysmography) * Fast—about 10 minutes total* Simple—no water, x-rays or fat pinching* Accurate—within 3% error range
* Versatile—can be used for multiple populations (obese, children, physically handicapped)* Inexpensive—only $69 per test
* Sensitivity—The Bod Pod is a very sensitive machine which produces very accurate results, but many variables can influence the results. Factors that can affect Bod Pod results are body temperature, exercise timing, water intake, food intake, caffeine/thermogenics, skin creams and lotions, body hair, clothing and hydration status.
Underwater weighing * Accurate—within 3% error range * Time consuming—Fully exhaling all of your air underwater can produce anxiety for many people.* Availability—usually limited to universities.
Bioelectrical impedance * Inexpensive* Portable * Inaccurate—the least accurate body fat testing method.
DEXA * Accurate—within 3% error range.* Versatile—Test can also measures bone density* Fast * Expensive—a single test can cost as much as $300.
Calipers * Inexpensive* Portable * Accuracy—depends on the quality of the calipers and the experience of the tester (which are both usually poor).* Embarrassing—There’s not much worse than having a stranger pinch your fat.

Purchase a Bod Pod body fat test today for only $69.00!

Purchase a Bod Pod body fat test package today for only $207.00. That’s right buy 3 and get the 4th test for free!

How do I prepare for Bod Pod testing at Human Health Specialists in Scottsdale?

Bod Pod body fat testing requires that you have fasted (no food or water) and have refrained from exercise for at least three hours prior to the body composition analysis; this makes an early morning test the best option for most people, but tests that begin later in the day are fine as long as you rest and fast for at least three hours prior. You should also refrain from using any skin lotions or creams before your test. Do not wear any jewelry during your test.

The Bod Pod body composition test requires specific clothing. Men should wear spandex/lycra shorts (no underwear underneath) and a swim cap. Women should wear a spandex/lycra swimsuit or shorts, a sports bra and a swim cap. We can provide clean spandex/lycra shorts and a swim cap.

Approved clothing for the Bod Pod body fat test

Approved clothing for the Bod Pod body fat test

Approved Clothing for the Bod Pod Body Fat Testing

Due to the sensitivity of the Bod Pod testing equipment, you should also make note of the amount of body and facial hair you have on the day of your test. For example, if you shave your arms, legs or face the day before your first body fat test, make sure you do the same before any subsequent tests. Shaving off a beard, for example, can change the result of Bod Pod body fat testing by as much as 1%.

What information will I gain from my Bod Pod test?

A Bod Pod Body Composition Tracking System Analysis (view a sample report) will include the following:

  • Body mass
  • Fat mass and body fat percentage
  • Fat free mass and fat free mass percentage
  • Resting metabolic rate
  • Estimated energy expenditure

 What is the Bod Pod cost?

Each Bod Pod body composition test costs only $69.

How often should I schedule Bod Pod testing?

We recommend a bod pod test every 1-2 months to make sure your diet and activity levels support your body composition goals.

How do I schedule body fat testing at Human Health Specialists?

To schedule Bod Pod body fat testing at our Scottsdale office, please call us at (480) 839-0805.

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