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By Causenta Wellness

We’ve all heard of the “mommy makeover,” which refers to plastic surgery (usually a tummy tuck and breast augmentation) that women get after giving birth in order to regain their pre-baby bodies.

The Causenta Body Makeover is centered in regenerative medicine and is all about repairing the body from the inside.

By focusing on the body’s cells, muscles, cartilage, and other internal organs and tissues, the Causenta Body Makeover can help patients increase mobility, decrease pain, and live longer, healthier lives.

What Is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine, a field that is only decades old and combines engineering and biology, develops therapies that have the potential to heal or replace tissues and organs that are damaged by age, disease, or trauma.

These therapies have shown real promise in the areas of orthopedics and wound healing – some gaining FDA approval.

“Technology and regenerative medicine have a huge role to play in the future of health and wellness,” says Dr. Tom Incledon, Founder & CEO of Causenta.

“The possibility of 3D printing biological material to begin the body’s natural healing process and help people overcome injury and disease is a real thing and it’s so exciting.”

Creating Full Health

As researchers and scientists continue to explore regenerative medicine and future therapies, there are some applications, including treatment with exosomes and stem cells, that are already helping patients at Causenta.

“Our team believes in holistic care that is backed by science,” says Incledon. “So, we are always researching and are aware of any new therapies or state-of-the-art technologies that are available.

“We also believe in combining these medical treatments with physical therapy and exercise to create an internal environment of top health for patients’ bodies – that’s really where the Causenta Body Makeover comes from; it’s our underlying philosophy.”

No More Pain

When people are in pain or cannot move like they could before an injury, disease, or aging takes over, it adversely affects their quality of life. Chronic pain can lead to depression, dependence on medication, anxiety, mood swings, and a lack of energy.

“We want to get people back to what they love, off of pain medications, and healing their bodies in ways they never even knew was possible,” says Incledon.

“The thing about pain medication is that it isn’t making the person better, it is just covering up the problem. Regenerative medicine and the Causenta Body Makeover deals with the underlying cause of the pain and heals it so that there is no more pain.”

Exosomes and Stem Cells – What part do they play in regenerative medicine?

Exosomes and stem cells, while different from each other, are both major players in regenerative medicine.

Both types of biological material can be injected into the body through an IV or into the area of the body needing treatment; the method of delivery is determined by the goal you have for the specific patient.

“The cool thing about regenerative medicine therapies is that can be preventive as well,” says Incledon. “For instance, if we inject a patient’s knee with exosomes, it might help their torn meniscus heal, which is the direct result we are looking for, but the exosomes might also repair cartilage in that knee preventing arthritic pain that was just years away.”

A Closer Look at Exosomes

Exosomes are microcellular vesicles that contain instructions telling cells how to repair themselves.

They are secreted by most cell types and contribute to functions including tissue repair, neural communication, and the transfer of pathogenic proteins.

“Exosomes can be used to treat bone, cartilage, the nervous system, brain, and heart,” says Incledon.

Exosomes have been shown to help treat those with arthritis, limiting pain because they actually help heal the cartilage in the joints. This is a great example of regenerative medicine at work.

A Closer Look at Stem Cells

Stem cells are more well-known and have the ability to develop into many different types of cells from muscle to brain and everything in between. In some cases, they can also repair damaged tissues.

“In order for stem cell treatment to be effective, you have to have the right type of stem cell to inject,” says Incledon.

“While there is huge potential for stem cell treatment as an effective regenerative medicine strategy, there need to be more regulations regarding harvesting stem cells and sharing origin information of those cells with the doctors administering the stem cells to patients.”

Exercise – What part does it play in regenerative medicine?

Would it surprise you to know that certain exercises can actually help torn muscles or tendons repair themselves without surgery? It’s true!

While in certain cases, surgery may not be avoidable due to the extent of the injury, often with the right physical therapy plan (and maybe an exosome injection or two), you can be back on the golf course or softball field without undergoing the scalpel.

Our PT Experts Can Help

Dr. Matt Zanis has worked directly with the U.S. Olympic team and recovering cancer patients. He provides movement and exercise rehabilitation techniques that have helped them become mobile and independent.

As a published author and a specialist in injury rehabilitation and musculoskeletal pain, Dr. Matt also aids professional athletes and sports organizations around the country in their health journeys.

As an expert in rehabilitation, he knows the exercise secrets of regenerative medicine and through the Causenta Body Makeover helps patients learn the right moves.

Try These Helpful Exercises at Home

Whether you have injured your shoulder, knee, back, or other part of your body, Dr. Matt has exercises that can help you rehab the area. He has shared a variety of techniques on Causenta’s YouTube channel that can help you work on regenerative medicine at home.

From shoulder-controlled articular rotation extensions to toe mobility exercises, Dr. Matt talks you through what to do and why, as well as demonstrates the proper form.

Dr. Matt also recommends strength training exercises to keep the body healthy and repair balance and coordination concerns.

“We know that when your body has core strength, it improves your brain’s ability to control the body,” says Incledon. “It’s your body’s version of regenerative medicine that if more people were aware of would probably focus on more.”

Strength training is key to helping seniors prevent falls that can cause serious injuries that can lead to a lack of mobility and independence.

What’s Right For You?

If you are interested in the Causenta Body Makeover, please contact us today for a 30-minute consultation.

We want to know about your health concerns, problem areas, current pain management strategy, and any past injuries or diseases so that we can help you heal yourself from the inside and feel better than ever.

The Causenta Body Makeover – based on regenerative medicine strategies – will make tomorrow a brighter day.


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