We want our patients to live a full and vibrant life, no matter what health issue is present. Our team of highly educated physicians are always seeking unique ways to use technology for healing and repair, leading the way in scientific research, and obtaining affordable cutting edge “supplements” from around the world. We are not your typical medical center.

Our company name Causenta literally translates

to ‘cause’ or figuratively to the root cause of

This captures the consensus of what patients have been telling us for almost 30 years: No other medical group has been able to figure out the root cause of their issues.

We combine the humor of a Patch Adams movie with the intellect of Albert Einstein along with the strength of the Hulk and the desire to win to create a positive environment for healing!. We are not looking for second place. This rare combination of attributes is what enables us to help people with the rarest of diseases get healthy and become raving fans.

Our treatment outcomes are so far advanced that we treat the family members of our competitors. We have mothers and fathers coming here from other medical centers. Unfortunately, they are not willing to go on record and share this information.

Our clients are people that are committed to improving their health.

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