The last thing you want is someone guessing when it comes to your health. At Causenta – we don’t play guessing games – we get to the ROOT CAUSE of what’s holding you back.

“Getting by”—it’s the enemy of us all.


Here at Causenta Wellness, our goal is to take you and your family far beyond just existing and getting by to living a lifestyle of optimal health AND happiness. Through the years we’ve helped thousands of people and their families get off of the broken, modern medical treadmill that very often creates more problems than it solves by treating only symptoms, and handing out pills.

We employ cutting edge diagnostics and tests that will uncover YOUR individual health profile that will lead to an individual health and wellness strategy that is the RIGHT fit for YOU.

How causenta_42px Can help you…

Causenta Wellness works with a variety of different medical and wellness issues. Here are the most popular.

Cancer or Other debilitating illness

As medical research marches forward and reveals more information on how different areas of our health are connected, the old methodology of seeing a ‘specialist’ is frequently not going to be best for people with chronic issues that cover multiple systems.

As an example, when a tooth infection in your mouth causes erectile dysfunction or a head injury causes digestive issues, who do you go to see to get better?

At Causenta our strategy is to discover the “Root Cause” of the illness and design a customized treatment protocol for the individual. Unfortunately for many, that is not their experience when taking the “traditional” route. In many cases health practitioners are simply treating a symptom.

This approach is very flawed and can be very dangerous. We employ the latest research and strategies combined with an individuals unique makeup to design the right treatment for you. We know there is a better way. Expect a miracle.

Women’s health

Heart disease, Cancer, Stroke, Alzheimer’s, Menopause. These are just a few of the top issues confronting women and their health today. It is often thought that men carry the majority of stress in life. Not true. Women carry as much if not more. Whether you are on the career path or raising a family or both, stress can contribute to a number of significant health issues.

Because women’s health is so broad it is more important than ever to have access to the latest information and treatment options designed for WOMEN. Most if not all of the health issues facing today’s women CAN not only be successfully treated and cured but also PREVENTED from happening in the first place.

At CAUSENTA we do this through combinations of genetic, epigenetic, endocrine, nutritional, inflammatory markers and additional advanced testing that allows us to see issues you are genetically predisposed for and then prevent them before they can occur. Should you currently be in a situation where you are in the midst of a health crises or concern, we have access to the latest and most successful treatment options in the world at our disposal.

And for those who are saying, “I just want to lose some weight, look good and feel good.” We understand and agree. With the science available today there is no reason to go through life not feeling good about how you look or feel. At CAUSENTA we have the strategies to get you looking and feeling better than ever before. You deserve it.

Men’s health

In today’s high stress, highly competitive world, many men find themselves to be struggling to maintain their edge.

Many men by the time they reach age of 40 they realize they just don’t have the same energy as they used to. Couple that with the fact that men die at higher rates than women for heart disease, cancer, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pneumonia and influenza, diabetes, kidney disease, and chronic liver disease and cirrhosis and there is reason to sit up and take notice.

Your lack of “get up and go” can be attributed to low testosterone levels. As both men and women age testosterone levels drop which causes loss of muscle mass. Modern “medical science” calls this “normal aging”.

What we call it is a one-way ticket to the nursing home. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right plan for your individual body you really can look, feel and perform as good if not better than ever before.

No matter what physical issue may be keeping you from being the BEST you, CAUSENTA has an answer and a plan.

Innovative therapies

Medicine, effective treatment protocols and breakthrough research are expanding more rapidly now than at any other time in history. Tried and true treatment methods of the past are now in many cases outdated and ineffective. Unfortunately, theses same outdated, ineffective and sometimes dangerous treatments continue to be the “norm” for most hospitals and medical offices throughout the world.

At CAUSENTA, we focus on finding and putting together the Best of the Best from all over the World. Doctors, labs, treatment protocols and equipment are all part of the complete game plan we provide for each patient. Everyone’s body and makeup is unique and your treatment should be tailored to YOUR individual make up. The standard “one size fits all” is no longer effective when it comes to cutting edge health care.

The complex interaction between our genetics, environmental exposure, nutritional status, microbiome and other factors like stress result in a unique individual. No two people are exactly alike, not even twins. The ‘old school’ approach of trying different drugs or treatments and then waiting to see what happens is not working.

People are DYING at alarming numbers, not because there is no treatment, but instead because they were given the WRONG treatment. We have figured out the solution to this GLOBAL concern. The solution is to study YOU and then based on what makes you UNIQUE, we create individualized treatment plans that draws on innovative therapies from around the world.

You could actually travel the world and try to do all of this yourself all the while spending money and time traveling and sacrificing valuable time with your family and losing income from work while attempting to integrate all the varying recommendations from each professional you meet OR you can save time, money and frustration by coming to a single place that saves you all that wasted time, effort, money, loss of income and worse of all no results.

You are not alone anymore, Causenta is here to FIX anything and SOLVE any problem, while you get to enjoy your life and spend time with your loved ones.

We have created unique solutions using innovative therapies where patients diagnosed as ‘terminal’ by other medical professionals can be treated at home and enjoy the holidays with their family and LIVE. That’s right, while other doctors mistakenly told patients that ‘nothing could be done’ or that they were ‘terminal’, we were able to find a way so they can live and ENJOY life.

Before reading this you may have felt you had no options, your future is dark and coming to an end. We are here to shed new light and tell you there is hope because now, you have CAUSENTA. The place where disease says goodbye forever.

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What former clients are saying

“Dear Tom,

I’m just writing to let you know how
much I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. When we first met
through our mutual friend Joe Polish at a Master Mind meeting in
Phoenix, it turned out to be my lucky day. Why? I thought you could
be just another fluke guy, personal trainer, so called “guru”
since there are so many out there. It turns out you followed up and
delivered on everything and I do mean EVERYTHING you promised and
then some. After my initial shock at your fee, I went ahead with my
gut instinct and hired you. You flew down to Tampa to come and
personally supervise my training and also do the blood work on me.
You found out and showed me things going on inside of my body that I
would have never dreamed possible. After you put me on the specific
supplements to fix the problems in me and outlining specific monthly
training programs, I was able to add 40 pounds to my bench press and
lose 20 pounds of body fat while gaining muscle mass. All my personal
best lifts went up between 12 to 37 percent. Everybody in the gym
keeps asking me how I keep improving month after month. Tom, I never
felt more energetic in my life. By taking a look at my before and
after pictures it’s easy to understand why I’ll be your client for
life. Even at 51, my libido has regained its form like it was in my

Everybody in the gym keeps asking
me how I keep improving month after month. I never felt more
energetic in my life, and even at 51, my libido is like I’m in my


“Thank you to you and your staff for
your help with my cancer problem. By the end of the second round of
chemo (Revilmid) the cancer has dropped from a reading of 3300+ to
just over 1700, almost in the safe zone ….”


causenta_maintm_rgb_on_dark Clinic truly
cares about the individual and do not stop until they find the root
of the problem that ails the client or impedes their performance.”


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