Athletes and U.S. Olympics – Testimonials

*These are not paid endorsements. Human Health Specialists Clinic is now Causenta Wellness.

“They take the testing and take what you want to do and mesh it together to make a game plan for health.”

Jeff Decker
High School Football Coach

“My ability to handle long, hard workouts has tripled. It’s kind of an unfair advantage.

This has been a life-changing experience.”

Tim McClellan
Strength Coach
Judo National Champion

“Anybody wanting to be more physically fit or fix [health] problems they have…I’d recommend they come here.”

Cameron Davis
Mesa, AZ

“Tom is by far the best in the business.”

Tyler Gallant

Retired, NHL & AAHL

Ian Pyka 203x153 1

“[Human Health Specialists] truly cares about the individual and will not stop until they find the root of the problem that ails the client or impedes their performance.”

Ian Pyka
Power Play Fitness

Jude LaCava

“Simply the BEST in healthcare.”

“After 25 years in the business of broadcasting, I have found Thomas Incledon to be the most knowledgeable authority in the area of fitness and nutrition. Tom has appeared on Fox 10 with excellent presentations that can help anyone from the weekend warrior to the elite athlete.

Tom and Human Health Specialists are simply the best in healthcare.”

Jude LaCava
Fox 10 Phoenix Sports Anchor

TP Pic

“HPS keeps me healthy on and off of the playing field.”

“When I came into HPS my body was a car wreck. Through extensive work and the perfect combination of supplements specifically tailored towards my body, new life has been breathed into my career. HPS keeps me healthy on and off of the playing field.”

Tab Perry

Lorne Goldenberg

“It comes down to results and success and my programs are on the right path with Thomas Incledon’s guidance.”

“I met Thomas Incledon a number of years ago at an NSCA conference. As a strength and conditioning coach, I am trained in a number of areas of expertise, that being strength, speed, agility, power, balance, flexibility, and endurance. These characteristics are all drivers that can affect an athlete’s performance. Another key area of importance for the strength and conditioning coach is nutritional considerations. You can have the best conditioning program in the world, but if your athletes have no direction in the area of nutrition, then you will probably end up with an athlete that does not recover effectively and has poor energy levels. Strength Coaches certainly do receive some training in the area of nutrition, but not an optimal level to effectively be able to assist their athlete’s development. This is the prime reason I have utilized Thomas Incledon since 1999.

Through Tom’s expertise in blood analysis, nutritional supplementation, and athlete evaluation, I have been able to provide my athletes with optimal programs in nutrition to ensure that their nutritional regeneration provides a means of preparation for the next training session or game. Most recently, I had used Tom to lecture to a development camp for the Florida Panthers Hockey Club. These young players who were 18-22 years old did not have a solid understanding as to how proper nutrition can contribute to their success. Tom’s lecture was scheduled for only an hour, but went on for 2 hours and probably could have gone on for many more. He had these young players so engaged, it ended up being one of the most positive experiences they had at this camp. Tom was able to communicate complicated technical concepts to these young players at a level they could comprehend, something that is very difficult to accomplish. The bottom line is that it comes down to results and success and my programs are on the right path with Thomas Incledon’s guidance.”

Lorne Goldenberg
President/Director of Conditioning
Strength Tek Fitness & Wellness Consultants
Athletic Conditioning Center

Richard Rossi

“We have never met someone so gifted in the field”

“We feel so lucky to be a client of Tom’s. Our priority in life is maintaining optimal physical and mental health for many decades to come. To do this, we needed a top team of trainers, nutritionists, scientists, and physicians to help form our personal health Board of Directors. Tom is a critical part of our Board and has the unique ability to understand precisely the nutrients and supplements that our body needs based on exhaustive analysis and reanalysis. We have never met someone so gifted in the field.

After we had our initial analysis done and received Tom’s recommendations, we took them to our personal physician who we respect enormously. He had two comments. Number one, he said “I have patients in intensive care who haven’t been worked up this well!” and he then proceeded to spend almost two hours on the phone with Tom. Then he called to say that not only did he concur completely with Tom’s recommendations, but he had also learned an enormous amount that he could apply to his own practice.

We’re delighted and certain that Tom can have a huge impact on your health.”

Richard Rossi
Social Entrepreneur and Educator

“In addition to being extremely knowledgeable about the human body and what supplements and medications work and do not work, Tom is a caring and responsive human being and is wonderful to work with. I feel fortunate to have met him.”

“I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 1999 after experiencing extreme fatigue following physical exertion for over a year.  I experienced other symptoms as well which were typical for Lyme patients.  I had been hiking 20 to 30 miles each week on local trails in Marin County located just north of San Francisco.  I had backpacked in several western mountain ranges.  I had also done some serious river rafting.

I had seen five different physicians for help with my fatigue and related problems, which included cognitive difficulties, joint pain, depression, insomnia, irritability, and dizziness. Using antibiotics and a vast array of alternative medical approaches plus a lot of guesswork, I was able to alleviate most of the symptoms.  However, my fatigue following exercise still haunted me.  Physicians were not able to help me, even those specializing in Lyme disease.  One of the problems was that the physicians I consulted only tried to attack the Lyme disease and did not attempt to address possible co-infections.  In other words, they did not look at the “big picture.”

Then in March of 2005, I was introduced to Tom Incledon by a family member who is a personal trainer and gym operator.  I was immediately impressed with Tom’s knowledge of the human body and his scientific approach to finding and dealing with all the elements and inter-relationships of the body’s components.  I decided to work with Tom with the hope that he would guide me through the health roadblocks that no physician or alternative health care professional was able to understand.

I began following Tom’s protocol in June and with his direction, I was able to suggest to my current physician which tests to take for which co-infection and what medicine to take in the event Tom’s guidance was correct.  I needed the physician only to prescribe the tests and medication.

In November of this year, my symptoms began disappearing.  Now my goal is to gradually increase my exercise and get back to hiking the local trails.  Without Tom’s help, I would not have been able to reach this point.

In addition to being extremely knowledgeable about the human body and what supplements and medications work and do not work, Tom is a caring and responsive human being and is wonderful to work with. I feel fortunate to have met him.”

Anthony D.


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