If testicular cancer is treatable, why should I worry about it?

If Testicular Cancer Is Treatable Why Should I Worry About It

By: Dr. Thomas Incledon

If testicular cancer is treatable, why should I worry about it?

Testicular cancer is treatable and has the highest success rates when found early. As with other cancers, when testicular cancer is found in a progressed state, it can be harder to treat. This means you may have a longer and more difficult course of treatment or your may not fully recover. When found early, testicular cancer boasts between a 73%-99% success rate. “Just because a type of cancer has a good prognosis doesn’t mean you should ignore it,” advises Dr. Tom Incledon, Founder & CEO of Causenta. “Men have a 1 in 263 chance of getting testicular cancer and only 1 in 5,000 will die from it. So, while it is low risk all around, early detection is still key to long-term health.”

Testicular cancer is most common for young men in the age range of 15-35. Incledon recommends that men of all ages should perform testicular self-exams [LINK TO OTHER BLOG POST WITH INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW] throughout their lives and, for men in the target age range, it is even more important. “If you find something that’s unusual, especially paired with symptoms, take action right away and see a doctor,” says Incledon.

One concern for young men diagnosed with testicular cancer is the ability to have children down the road. Since the cancer is usually found in just one testicle, this is usually not a concern. If the treatment course involves removing the one testicle so that the cancer does not spread, the remaining testicle can make enough testosterone to have a normal life, including having kids and a normal sex life. The reason surgery is often chosen as a primary strategy for testicular cancer is to remove the cancer from the body as quickly as possible and prevent it from spreading to the other testicle or elsewhere in the body, especially when it is found early.
Surgery is an example of standard of care medicine for testicular cancer treatment. Standard of care treatments are those that the FDA has approved for a specific purpose. At Causenta, we know that other things can be done that indirectly have positive results in fighting cancer and help people feel better. “We are doing incredible things with exercise and nutrition,” says Incledon. “People say, ‘I was already eating clean and exercising and still got cancer.’ So, they have lost faith in healthy habits.”

The team at Causenta customizes regiments and diets to impact each person positively while they battle cancer. They also monitor patients closely throughout the process to be sure the strategies are having the desired impact. Every workout is different and has different effects on the body. “One way we help is that we teach people how to exercise in ways they didn’t know before,” says Incledon. “We show them what to do and how to do it, including using brain exercises to improve internal body awareness.” When testicular cancer patients feel better and are able to do things they could not before, it gives them hope for the future.

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