Issue 2

A Cross Country Journey

About a year ago, a thin man with a long beard and longer hair (think: Jesus) came into our office for treatment. That visit was pretty ordinary; some basic tests, an IV, and a few supplements. His second visit several months later was also pretty ordinary, that was until he proposed one of the craziest ideas we’ve ever heard.

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Stuff We Like – Volume 1

Collectively, our staff has accumulated over 150 years of theoretical and practical knowledge within the exercise and nutrition fields. We’ve worked as personal trainers helping ordinary folks, as strength and conditioning coaches training elite athletes, in physical therapy clinics, hospitals, schools, retirement homes and just about everywhere in between. Suffice it to say that if a piece of exercise equipment or fad diet has existed, we’ve heard about it, studied it, and probably even tried it ourselves.

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This is Your Brain on (Smart) Drugs

The class of supplements and pharmaceuticals known as nootropics, or smart drugs, has gained tremendous popularity over the past several years. Their positive effects on brain health and mental performance have made them useful for enhancing athletic and scholastic performance, reversing the cognitive decline associated with aging, and even preventing and treating conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

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Five Simple Steps to Start Improving Your Health Now

…and keep you healthy for life.

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