My wife has Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Is there a way to treat it successfully?

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By: Dr. Thomas Incledon

My wife has Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Is there a way to treat it successfully?

The good news is that Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma is treatable. For some people, results happen quickly; for others, the fight can be lengthier, but people are surviving. “We treated an NHL patient who had rapid improvement,” says Dr. Tom Incledon, founder and CEO of Causenta. “The swelling in her lymph nodes was almost gone in a matter of days. For some patients, that can take months.”

When you go to a licensed medical professional with a diagnosis of Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, three main treatments will be discussed: chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Your medical oncologist should explain these strategies and help you determine the best solution for your case.

With chemotherapy, your medical oncologist will likely bring in a hematologist, which is a doctor who is an expert in blood and circulation. Having both sets of knowledge will help you have confidence that your bases are covered. They will outline drug treatment protocols to target the NHL that may include immunotherapy and oral therapies in addition to traditional IV chemotherapy.

A radiation oncologist may suggest radiation treatments for swollen masses in patients with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This may be done in concert with chemotherapy to try and tackle a large area of cancer cells at once.

If it is determined that your NHL originated in the bone marrow, a bone marrow transplant may be an option. People are often very comfortable with this surgical option because they do not know a lot about the process or side effects. “The reality is that this a bone marrow transplant is much harder on body than chemo,” says Incledon.

Three strategies most patients will not hear about from their oncologist are: exercise, physical therapy, and nutrition. At Causenta, these supporting strategies are used to not only fight the cancer, but also to improve the way patients feel on a daily basis. Our expert team members work together to really understand each patient’s case and recommend medical and naturopathic strategies that complement each other and will work for a patient’s specific pathology. “We also create a list for patients that outlines which expert on our team is the go-to person for certain questions,” says Incledon. “With so many moving pieces, it is important to be sure the right person is giving the right information about the right subject.”

At Causenta, we know that the best results come from a combination of standard of care therapies and additional therapies for an integrated approach. “While our approach takes a lot of time, care, and a high level of detail, we think it is worth it to give our patients the best possible outcome for long-term survival and health,” says Incledon. “We go through every item in a patient’s chart to be sure everything is going in the same direction to fight the cancer.” This is especially important because patients with the same label of Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma may have a different treatment based on specific differences and details for them. And, people who begin with the same treatment, may end up with very different solutions based on how their bodies react to various medications and exercise regimens.

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