Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms

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By: Dr. Thomas Incledon

A cancer diagnosis is life-changing for everyone involved and evokes many emotions. Pancreatic cancer is a common form of cancer and there are a variety of symptoms that can indicate that something serious is going on. Cancer can touch any person at any age but knowing what to look for can help ease anxiety and help the patient figure out what the next best step is in tackling the disease.

Here are some pancreatic cancer signs and symptoms that you should look for.

  • Upper abdominal pain or discomfort:
    Abdominal pain that radiates around the back is common in about 70 percent of pancreatic cancer patients. This is usually because the tumor is pressing against the spine or abdominal area.
  • Jaundice:
    Jaundice is the yellow discoloration of skin and the whites of the eyes. It can also cause severely itchy skin. This is usually caused by a tumor that blocks the bile duct that causes bile to build up inside the liver. One of the first signs of jaundice is dark or brown colored urine.
  • Diabetes:
    Pancreatic cancer can cause new onset diabetes. This is not associated with gaining weight, but instead is because the tumor in the pancreas may be blocking proper insulin production.
  • Mid-back pain:
    This includes pain that is in the middle of the back and it can many times be eased by leaning forward.
  • Indigestion.
    This includes continual indigestion that sees no relief with medication.
  • Blood clots:
    Sometimes pancreatic cancer can cause large blood clots in large veins, especially in the legs. This can be a potentially deadly issue because the clot can break off and travel to the lungs which could disturb breathing.
  • Pale and abnormally smelling feces.
    Stools that are pale in color or are difficult to flush are usually caused because the food that enters the body is not being processed and absorbed correctly.
  • Weight loss.
    Losing weight unexpectedly, especially without trying, is a usually sign that something is going on inside the body and it needs to be checked out right away.  

Other signs and symptoms could include vomiting and nausea, depression, loss of appetite, or pain while eating. It is important to keep in mind that these are generalized symptoms and not every person with pancreatic cancer will experience these. For example, if there is a tumor located on part of the pancreas, there may be different symptoms that come with that.

Causenta Treatment Center is committed to figuring out what treatments are best for the individual. We work to find treatments that provide a better quality of life and the opportunity for a better outcome.  If you or someone you love has shown any signs or symptoms of pancreatic cancer do not delay in getting checked out by our experienced team at Causenta. The “wait and see” approach is not usually a good idea and could cause the cancer to progress faster. Knowing what’s going on inside of the body as soon as possible and acting quickly is incredibly important. The sooner a medical team knows about the cancer, the sooner they can help the patient get started on a rigorous personalized treatment plan.

To learn more about Causenta Treatment Center and the work we are doing to help cancer patients feel better, contact us today.

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Dr. Thomas is the founder and CEO of Causenta Wellness, and the Causenta Cancer Treatment Center in Arizona. From working with NFL, MLB, MMA, World Class athletes and even the White House, his reputation of personalized medicine and cutting-edge technologies has put him on the map, caring for some of the most powerful people in the world, making him one of the most sought-after healthcare professionals of all time.

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