Dr. Incledon intervied by Mike Mahler and he discusses the amount of probiotics used in studies pale in comparison to what is available at your local supplement shop, and which is a waste of time. Probiotics affect blood pressure and the nervous system and addresses suggestive marketing of consuming significant amounts of fermented foods and/or probiotics supplements for digestive health. Stress plays a part, in terms of digestive health and C-sections may have an affect on a child’s digestive health, even into adulthood. The healthy bacteria in our digestive system influence the most common viruses and certain organisms affect testosterone health. Lastly, central sleep apnea and why does it afect more ex-NFL players and MMA fighters.

1 out of 6 men will develop prostate cancer and prevention. Uncomfortable urinate, pain during sex and affects other activities and daily function. Stream is weaker and slower and inconsistent moving patterns and pain during urination. Sun dried tomatoes, watermelon, wheat bread are beneficial for the prostate.

“Dr. Thomas Incledon, returns to answer listener questions regarding pros and cons of ketosis, diet strategies, the effectiveness of bulking phases, the best nootropics on the market. Thomas discusses the effectiveness of ketones and how ketone research has been around for over a decade. There are benefits of supplementing with beta alanine, Ribose, and ATP and essential amino acids may help aid in faster recovery, post-surgery. Dr. Incledon discusses effective nootropics and how brands like Onnit’s “”Alpha Brain”” may fall short
all this. “

Dr. Incledon interviewed by Mike Mahler for a part 2 discussion regarding cancer and that most feared disease in the world and why many people die from it. Dr. Incledon does personalized treatment including the gene testing, immune cell testing in pre-cancer and cancer treatment. Dr. Incledon discusses the consequences of not being diligent about addressing the possible toxicity of living in areas like Flint, MI, the Pacific Coast affected by Fukishima, the Gulf Coast affected by the BP oil spill, refinery communities, and more.

Dr. Incledon intervied by Mike Mahler and he goes more in depth on his non-traditional approach toward cancer treatment. Topics such as issues of insurance coverage & cost-prohibitive healthcare and key preventative measures to improve your health. Secondly, if excessive exercise cause or fight cancer and the relationship between curcumin and cancer treatment and why this needs to be discussed more. Lastly, the approach to thyroid cancer and prevention needs to be updated and Dr. Incledon’s approach, in terms of those with advanced pancreatic cancer.

Dr. Incledon interviewed by Mike Mahler for a part 2 discussion concerning how pre-workouts supplement negatively impact training recovery. Also, new technology that will take injury recovery to the next level. Dr. Incledon helps his athletes get through training plateaus and utilizes certain breathing drills for maximum power development.

Dr. Incledon is interviewed by Mike Mahler and they discuss the desire for getting more sleep, adequate sunshine, and wanting to work a 9 to 5 equates a lack of commitment. Some patients remedy irregular sleep and the negative results of sleep imbalance. High body fat does not necessarily equate the cause for sleep apnea, and why some of the fittest people now have sleep apnea. Lastly, the inability to consistently have 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep a genetic issue.

Dr. Incledon interviewed by Jason Ferruggia and they discuss a variety of topics including techniques to improve sleep, diets to prevent or help treat cancer, BCAA’s can make you fat and keys to reducing inflammation. Dr.Incledon shares curing anckle pain by your rubbing face and how to heal your gut and maxamize fat loss. Dietary tips for strengthening the immune system and if gluten is good or bad.

Dr. Incledon shares the surprising results he discovered when he performed extensive lab work on some of the “top paleo” figureheads. The common Paleo & typical omnivore argument, that Vegans don’t get enough protein and are B12 deficient misses the mark. He also discusses the ideal number to maintain blood glucose levels before and after a meal to be leaner and healthier for many people. Incledon talks UFC fighter Vitor Belfort, TRT, maintaining high testosterone levels when cycling off of TRT, and masking agents.

21% of women 14% of men have certain mental issues and majority of it is anxiety or variation of anxiety. A lot of fear and worrysome based thinking and its affecting their interaction with other people especially parents to their children. Childhood trauma is a factor that may affect them as an adult. Also stress is affecting you which is the inability to handle the stress.

How to prevent cognitive decline. Nutrition is vital for building blocks for the cells in our bodies. Amino acids, protein and antioxidants are the building blocks which eventually affects brain function. Exercise whether it is physical or mental exercise.

People have different genetics, different environment exposes to different chemicals and different microorganisms in the body. 1 out of 3 people are obese in the U.S. Vitamin mineral status, amino acid, hormones and several others are poor for health and will be important later. Symptom from food interacted with microorganism and get a certain reaction but most people believe it is alergies. Certain excersice help people loose more weight based on a genetic perspective. Dont do a one size fits all motto and base it on genetics, exercise and nutrition.

Understand what matters to your wife and stay engaged. Couples that exercise together gain a mutual respect for one another’s effort and work ethic. Antioxidants status is crucial for men’s testicual function. Men should eat food rich in Vitamins A and Zinc so they could have a better sex drive.