About Causenta Wellness

Here at Causenta we do things a little different than anyone else.

Actually, we do things a LOT different than anyone else.

Instead of taking what we call the band aid type approach to your health; performance and fitness we focus our time and energy on discovering the ROOT CAUSE of what’s holding you back.

Over the years having worked with patients and clients from all walks of life from terminal cancer patients to high powered professionals to the who’s who of the sporting world working with pro athletes in the NFL, MBA, MLB and NHL we’ve found that the secret to helping you get better, perform better, look better and/or feel better isn’t tied to any one size fits all solution but instead it comes from marrying the latest technologies with cutting edge health, performance and fitness solutions.

Solutions that are custom to you, your body, your situation and your circumstances.

So whether or not you’re a cancer patient who’s looking to both treat and beat your or your loved ones cancer, you’re an athlete who’s looking to perform at your best every time to step onto the pitch or you’re a high performance executive looking to get the edge and keep it – we have the solution for you.

Just above, there are four options – I encourage you to choose which one suits you and your situation the best and you’ll be able to find out some more about how we can help you get better, perform better, look better or feel better.

Thanks for visiting.

Dr. Thomas Incledon, 

Chief Scientific Officer, Causenta.


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