Tell Me Where it Hurts; Overcoming Cancer Pain

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People living with cancer understand pain and for many patients, it’s a chronic reality. Doctors and medical teams are looking to find ways to help in pain management for cancer.  In the meantime, cancer patients are often open to learning more about the latest cancer treatments, in addition to what alternative cancer therapies are out there today.

If you or a loved one has recently been diagnosed with cancer, there are a variety of alternative therapies and remedies available that can provide stress relief and help minimize pain.  When a patient is in pain, it’s common to feel defeated, weak, or not strong enough to fight the disease. Pain gets in the way of quality living and it can distract patients from the primary goal: feeling better and getting healthier.

At Causenta, we introduced these therapies to our cancer center with you in mind. Through numerous tests, we’ve seen much improvement in our patients’ pain levels over the last five years by employing these devices. Our results show our patients had improved strength, heightened energy levels and their overall health was reestablished. Our latest blog series will cover some of the amazing alternative therapies our team provides, in addition to how they’re used and what the effectiveness is of the treatments. As a preview, below are five of our primary therapies.


The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), is tied directly to most critical body functions, and it is highly sensitive to stress. Magnetic Resonance Therapy aims to activate reparative processes inside tissues and cells. This therapy can assist in balancing the ANS, which translates to improved areas of health and wellness.

Needleless Laser Acupuncture

If traditional acupuncture isn’t for you, there are non-needle laser acupuncture forms that can be effective in relieving pain and helping patients feel more like themselves. Laser acupuncture can also help with providing patients with greater mobility and has also been shown to help people sleep better through the night.

Neuroprobe® 500 Pro Infrared and Electrical Stimulation – Electrical stimulation and infrared therapy

This tool is primarily used for pain management, but it can also bolster stem cell growth. At Causenta, we use the power of infrared therapy to reduce pain, inflammation and swelling. The Neuroprobe® 500 Pro is the only device of its kind in the industry with the capability to simultaneously deliver electrical stimulation and infrared therapy. The combination of infrared therapy and two channels of electrical stimulation provide our clinicians with superior treatment flexibility and efficient concurrent treatment.

The combination of these protocols has been extensively published and provides significant improvement over current motor or sensory stimulation when used independently. The Neuroprobe® 500 Pro also features Nerve Block Protocols that produce a direct anesthetic effect for wound debridement and can assist in reducing pain during contracture management. Nerve block is also used to decrease muscle spasms (tone and spasticity) in patients with neurologic contracture and provides effective treatment for chronic pain management.

ARP Wave – Neuromuscular electrical stimulation/Neuro Therapy

Causenta patients have proven this to be a popular and effective way of helping reduce pain and recover quicker from injuries. For cancer patients, this type of therapy can assist in reducing inflammation and pain, in addition to aiding with swelling while treating neuropathy from radiation or chemotherapy.

This highly advanced neuro-therapy utilizes a patented non-invasive process which searches the body’s unique bio-markers. It will locate compromised tissues before developing a patient-specific healing protocol. It’s been used by more than 300,000 patients to date and the results have been promising. In just a few years after being introduced to medical and athletic communities, it is now being used steadily around the world.

Weberneedle® Combilaser – Photodynamic Therapy

By using a combination of different laser wavelengths and patented protocols, we see significantly improved therapeutic results across many different areas of medicine. This therapy can help in pain management and rehabilitation, and has been used in dermatology, neurology, orthopedics, acupuncture, and intra-articular and interstitial laser therapy.

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