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Since 1989, Dr. Thomas Incledon has been recognized as one of the worlds leading experts in the areas human health and athletic performance. He currently serves as Chief Executive Officer and head researcher of Causenta where he helps individuals from all walks of life maximize their health, quality of life, and athletic performance.

Dr. Incledon’s life’s goal of “eradicating disease from the face of the earth” has lead him to pioneering some of the most revolutionary cancer treatments in the history of medicine. His strategies of curing cancer quickly, affordably, painlessly and permanently places Causenta at the forefront of cancer treatment.

On the supplement and nutrition front Dr. Incledon is the “go to” advisor for many of the worlds most popular dietary supplement and nutraceutical companies on creating effective formulations.

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Just as every disease has a root cause, every story has an origin.  Dr. Incledon’s story began as a college student in the early 1990’s.  As a National Title winning athlete at the time, Dr. Thomas Incledon understood the importance of both knowing and listening to our body.

A life-altering event occurred during this time when Dr. Tom had become seriously ill after attending a local barbecue on campus.  After 3 trips to the hospital and losing 25 lbs. in 3 days all the while being told, “nothing was wrong” when he himself had strong suspicions as to the cause but could not get anyone to listen finally found a physician that would write him a prescription for what Dr. Tom believed to be the cause of his illness, which was parasites.

Within 4 hrs. of the prescribed medication he was feeling better and has never had a problem since.  What changed things for Dr. Tom was the fact that he had to needlessly suffer for 3 days due to what he calls, “The System”

Does the above story sound familiar to you?  Did you or someone you know fall into the same scenario where you feel like your health care provider “just doesn’t care?

Have you ever felt any of the following?

  • The medical community has not helped you
  • You are angry that nothing seems to work
  • Distressed that insurance does not cover what it should
  • Tired of being misdiagnosed or ignored or being told “it’s all in your head
  • Tired of being lied to either intentionally or via incompetence
  • Being told there no hope or options only to find out there are

These are just a few of the catalysts that put Dr. Tom on the path to being one of the most sought after health care providers in the Country.

Dr. Incledon understands the intangebals that go along with poor health that are often overlooked such as

  • Loss of productivity
  • Loss of quality time with family
  • Loss of more life memories
  • Loss of income
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Loss of enjoyment and happiness
  • At the extreme end…loss of will to live.

These are just some of the downsides facing many Americans yet Dr. Tom understands the UPSIDES with the proper diagnosis and care.

  • To not hurt even if they were in pain
  • To move and like you are young again even if you are slow and stiff
  • To look good naked!  Yes…everyone wants that!
  • To be the “guy” the ‘girl” or the “hero”

This philosophy of “Patient before Profits” is the mind set that has led Dr. Tom to be the go to guy for those looking for the extra edge to those who are looking for hope where they were told there is none.

From working with World Class athletes from the NFL, MLB, MMA to even the White House, Dr. Incledon’s reputation of a caring, cutting edge healer and health strategist has put him on the map for some of the wealthiest most powerful people in the world.

For all his skills however, it is his true compassion for those in search of an answer that sets him apart.  Dr. Tom believes that everyone should have access to the best health care available.  In order to help facilitate this Dr. Incledon works closely with some of the top Doctors and researchers in the world in order to get access to treatments and therapies that may unknown or unavailable in the U.S. at the time.

Unfortunately, much of the Medical profession today is driven solely by profits seeing as many patients as possible in an allotted time.  When was the last time your health provider spent more than 30 min with you?  This practice of “churn and burn” leaves at best an unsatisfied patient and at worse, a possible misdiagnosis, which could lead to more health issues or even death.

Dr. Incledon also firmly believes that one size never fits all in health.  Each person is unique and what works for one may actually cause harm to another.  This is why his “individualized” approach of patient care is so highly sought after.

Having honed his skills at such diverse facilities is what makes Dr. Incledon so unique.  From working at the World famous Miami Project for paralysis to speaking at the Cleveland Clinic to working with world-class athletes and CEO’s Dr Incledon understands what it takes to live a truly happy and healthy lifestyle.

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