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Expert Consultation


Before your expert consultation, please email all medical records as PDF files to Our medical team will review and design your treatment plan proposal. (If you have any imaging DVDs, you can bring them with you to the clinic.)

Free Consultation


As part of your free consultation, please complete our forms and questionnaires at and upload files as PDF files or email PDF files to Our medical team will review and design your treatment plan proposal.

Insurance Info, Meds, Imaging, Lab Tests


Please complete all insurance information in your portal. We will try to use insurance coverage whenever possible, but most carriers do not cover these services.

Before coming, create a list of your existing medical prescriptions and supplements. Ensure you have enough in stock to last you for the duration of your stay at Causenta. Make a list of all the things that need attention while you are away. Pets, house upkeep, etc.

If you have any imaging DVDs or lab results, you can bring them with you to the clinic.

Ongoing Care


After treatment, many patients ask if they can continue with us. The answer is absolutely! We can work with you while you are back home and continue with your health journey.

Our Process


Free Consultation
Expert Consultation
Test Plan Proposal
Treatment Plan Proposal
Ongoing Care



Deliver payment via credit card, check, wire transfer, or cash before you get to Causenta Wellness. Our staff will go over the cost and protocols of your treatment plan and provide you with payment instructions.

Preparing for Treatment


Thank you for placing your trust in us as part of your healthcare team and healing journey. The reason why patients love their experience with us and stay engaged for life with Causenta is simple: They respect the expertise and love the care! To help you get the best possible experience, we provide lots of resources and experts to help you. After you contact us, one of our staff or patient advocates will reach out to help you navigate the process of preparing for treatment.

Initially, either staff or a patient advocate will be your primary resource at Causenta Wellness. They will answer your questions, introduce you to our programs and protocols, assist with paperwork, and help you finalize arrangements as you prepare for arrival.

We have some of the best-trained professionals in the world, and our integrative approach to healthcare will convince you of this on your first day.

Our practitioners spend time getting to know you, assessing you, and educating you so that you don’t fall into the blind trap of repeating other people’s mistakes. Our lead scientist spends countless hours reviewing your test results and working with the medical team to personalize your care. During your first integrative medicine consultation, our top naturopathic physician will talk with you at length, as much as three hours, about your health history and concerns, and the health goals you hope to achieve. You will see immediately how the skill and knowledge of our entire team will benefit you.

Test Plan Proposal


One reason why so many treatment plans fail is that they are following one-size-fits-all protocols. At Causenta, we test you first and then create your treatment plan. We will tell you details about your health, which will give you the best possible chance of achieving your results. We put our recommendations in writing, so you know exactly what we are suggesting to help you.

Travel Accommodations


Book Travel and Finalize Treatment Contract

To confirm your spot at the clinic, please work with your Patient Advocate directly on the best days to fly and times to arrive at either of our locations. If you plan to arrive by car, we require a small up-front deposit, applied to your overall treatment cost. Upon confirmation, you’ll receive a contract and admissions documents. Please complete and sign these before your arrival.

Treatment Plan Proposal


The next document you’ll receive from us is your treatment plan proposal. This document outlines your personalized program designed by our expert medical team. We encourage you to review the proposal on your own and prepare any questions you may have for your medical team.

Update Travel Documents


Before traveling, ensure that all travel documents (passports, permits, etc.) are up-to-date and accessible. Keep a copy of important documents with a reliable family member or friend whom you can contact in the unlikely event of an emergency. For more information, please review the Travel section

What to Expect


We have a full gym and a full medical center. Five to seven days per week you will be working with an expert in movement to get your body (and immune system) and mind stronger. Most patients spend 4-5 hours per day at the beginning and as they get healthier we can combine therapies and they can get done in 2-3 hours. Typically, patients start at 9 am and are done by 2 pm. An average day might look like this:

8:45 am Arrive at clinic, morning check-in with physician/nurse
9:00 am Ozone steam sauna therapy
9:45 am Photobiomodulation – Full body light therapy
10:15 am EWOT – exercise with oxygen therapy
10:45 am Strength training
11:45 am Light meal/snack
12:30 pm IV therapy + PEMF – pulse electromagnetic therapy + afternoon check in with physician/nurse
2:00 pm Leave for home/hotel

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