“If you or someone you love, has recently been diagnosed with cancer, you’re at the right place for answers!”


Over 150,000 American’s will learn they have cancer this month and 50,000 will lose their battle – that’s 1.8 million new cancer cases and over 600,000 cancer deaths annually. Those heart-wrenching statistics are why we are here. Causenta is not your typical cancer center, we bring hope to the cancer fight.

The saying “there is no one else like you” is not just a romantic quip. You are truly unique, and your cancer treatment should be as well. Our exercise and lifestyle programs have dramatically lowered mortality rates by an estimated 40% – giving patients more time for tailored treatments to best fight their cancer.

We have reduced the side effects for most standard forms of treatment, giving patients years of life beyond their original prognosis. We have seen patients on Hospice care gaining enough strength to go dancing with their life partner or go hunting. Most people would agree that their final days should be spent doing things they love rather than drugged on morphine.

What factors contribute to cancer?

Cancer can grow slowly, undetected for years. Or a diagnosis can come on suddenly with little or no signs. Our rigorous testing provides clues to the source of the cancer growth as well as potential treatment options.


Vitamins and minerals are the basic molecules of life and balanced levels are vital to proper bodily function. Micronutrient levels have been linked to cancer prevention but also to a heightened risk for breast, oral, colon, head, and neck cancer.

Despite research linking nutrients to cancer, we find that micronutrient testing is neglected. In an extensive review of our patient’s past medical records, not a single oncology center tested for serum and intracellular micronutrients.

Exposure to chemical agents

Research supports exposure to chemicals linked to both the growth and spread of cancer cells. Pesticides, asbestos, benzene, and chlorinated hydrocarbons are linked to a range of cancers such as pancreatic cancer and lymphoma. Consumer products, and even tap water, have been associated with bladder, kidney, breast, liver, colon, and other cancers. Our cancer treatment center in Scottsdale, Arizona tests extensively for environmental chemicals and other consumer product carcinogens.

Infections and organisms

There are over a dozen microbiomes on or in your body. Some bacteria promote cancer growth, and some inhibit cancer growth. Methods to identify bacteria in the tissues of cancer patients have developed greatly and studies have narrowed down three mechanisms that appear to promote cancer within a microbiome. 

We test the patient’s microbiome to determine if there are organisms promoting cells that cause cancers such as lung, cervix, or cancer of the anus.

Can Exercise Help Fight Cancer?

It is important to participate in physical exercise to improve both mental and physical strength. But, exercise can also help improve a cancer prognosis by boosting your immune system. Our immune system has specialized cells that fight cancer – aptly named Natural Killer (NK) cells. These cells fight cancer and infections by limiting their spread and tissue damage.

We provide every Causenta patient with an exercise physiologist and a strength coach to boost immune function. Weekly testing of specific immune cells provides direct evidence that our methods improve immune function in patients of various physical capacities. To learn more, CLICK HERE!

What are treatment options for cancer?  

The FDA recognizes chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery as treatments for cancer. Cancer studies are often funded by drug companies, which benefit from the sale of the drugs, creating a research bias that overlooks many dangerous side effects. Think of chemo – fatigue, hair loss, appetite loss, nausea, or vomiting comes to mind, but there are lesser-known side effects like fertility issues, infection, mouth, tongue, and throat problems, peripheral neuropathy, or nerve pain, and urine, bladder and kidney problems.

At our cancer facility in Arizona, we specialize in more natural and subtle ways to care for cancer patients. Every person is unique, with conditions that differ. Our cancer specialist team uses a personalized treatment approach with individual testing and therapies such as: 


  • We measure biomarkers to understand the unique biology of our patient
  • We suggest dietary modifications and the use of supplements and nutraceuticals
  • We encourage and support exercise protocols at our full gym helping patients improve immunity.
  • We use a holistic approach with treatments such as Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF), photobiomodulation, and controlled oxidative stress therapies.


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