Tens of thousands of people die unnecessarily each year because of misinformation about cancer and cancer treatments…these videos dispel those myths!

We Don’t Know What Causes Cancer – Myth #1

Stop Exercising If You Have Cancer – Myth #2

People Think Treatments Work Universally – Myth #3

Tumor Surgery Spreads Cancer – Myth #4

Going To A Cancer Treatment In Mexico Is Better Than The US – Myth #5

Chemotherapy Or Radiation Is Worse Than Cancer – Cancer Myth #6

Sugar Causes Cancer To Grow – Myth #7

Vitamin C Cures Cancer – Myth #8

I Can Read on the Internet Everything I Need to Know to Treat My Cancer – Myth #9

The Worst Advice For Fighting Cancer – Myth #10

The Wrong Questions About Cancer Treatment…That Most People Ask. – Myth #11

Knowing This Increases Cancer Survival Rates DRAMATICALLY. – Myth #12