Does what you eat, how you exercise, and your sleep pattern really affect your health?

By: Dr. Thomas Incledon

Does what you eat, how you exercise, and your sleep pattern really affect your health?

Whether you are fighting a disease such as cancer or simply want to maintain your health, there are fundamental concepts to keep in mind.

Each person is unique.

There are approximately 22,000 genes in the human body. So, not only are no two people the same, we all also react differently to environmental factors. To get optimal results from diet exercise, people need to know about their specific genetics. Once you understand your body’s makeup, you can develop the most impactful plan to stay healthy and/or fight disease.

One of the biggest mistakes the team at Causenta encounters with patients is that “people have read something on the Internet and they embrace that,” explains Dr. Tom Incledon, founder and CEO. This could be anything from following a diet or exercise regimen to seeking a specific cancer-fighting drug. “But these patients don’t know what will work for them. So often, they will come to us saying all of the things they already tried but are not giving the desired results.”

It is important to each professional at Causenta that they learn about each patient’s genetic makeup so that they can make recommendations that will positively impact someone’s health. “What we do know is that there is no single cure for cancer, so we have to evaluate each individual’s case and develop a plan.”

Diet, exercise, and sleep do matter.

World-class athletes who are training for a competition and “regular joes” who want to feel great even as they age should focus on what they eat and how much movement they get. Both are huge factors in overall health and disease prevention.

“Exercise is the single-most impactful weapon against diseases that we know of,” says Incledon. Sometimes people will have the attitude that exercise does not help because they were running 3 miles a day and still got cancer. The problem with this thinking according to Incledon is that people assume the exercise they were doing was the right thing for their body, but that is not always the case. And, the right type of exercise can boost their immune system and help them regain strength and movement.

Causenta recommends that everyone consume diets with lots of colors, including a variety of fruits and vegetables. “I don’t necessarily recommend strict vegan diets,” says Incledon. “Internally, strict vegans do not look as good as people who also consume proteins.” Often, with vegans, they are lean on the outside, but inside the body, muscles, and bones are not as strong. “I tell people to pick foods that are low glycemic,” says Incledon. He recommends this because it gives people the benefits of a ketogenic diet but with the addition of lots of micronutrients that boost the immune system.

Specifically, in patients with cancer, these micronutrients can help lessen the side effects of chemotherapy. Another difference to keep in mind for people fighting cancer is to watch for excessive weight loss while undergoing cancer treatment. “While we want people to eat healthy, for those with progressed disease, the priority is to keep weight on them and energy coming into the body,” explains Incledon. “Even if, on paper, the food that appeals to a person is not healthy, it’s better to eat anything and add some more healthy choices once they are no longer in imminent danger.”

Sleep is also critical to your health. Working overnight is now considered a risk for cancer because it interrupts the natural sleep cycle. It also contributes to a lack of sunlight exposure; Vitamin D is central to proper immune system function.

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