Emsella Review: #AskDoctorTom Explains Emsella

By Causenta Wellness

Do you have issues with pelvic inflammation? This non-invasive tool can help alleviate your symptoms.

At Causenta, one of our commitments to patients is to remain at the forefront of technology, research, and best practices. We believe in multi-faceted approaches when it comes to wellness, as well as fighting diseases or helping manage chronic conditions. Our goal is always to help people live their best lives. With today’s technological advances, we have some very effective and state-of-the-art tools to aid our work.

One such tool is made by a company called BTL; the machine is called Emsella and is FDA-approved to treat female urinary incontinence. It is non-invasive and non-toxic and works by projecting magnetic field energy into the body. It also feels great on the body, so patients have a positive experience with it. Dr. Tom Incledon, founder & CEO of Causenta, has also had success using the Emsella to treat patients with prostate and hip concerns or those experiencing inflammation in the pelvis. “I have even used it on cancer patients in cases where the disease has metastasized into the bone to alleviate pain,” says Incledon.

The Way It Works

A patient sits on the machine and positions his or her body appropriately so that the Emsella can be most effective. “Basically, you want to feel the machine in the perineal region, which is the area of the body between the opening of the rectum and the opening of the vagina,” says Incledon. Once the person feels the sensation, the technician will begin the therapy.

As the magnetic energy treatment begins, you will hear a sound that will get louder as the energy increases and ultimately makes it to 100%. “All the patient has to do is sit back and relax while the machine does the work for you,” says Incledon. “We recommend six treatment sessions, but a person can come back after that as often as needed.” Patients report being able to feel a difference after just a few sessions with the Emsella.

“I don’t have urinary incontinence, but I do have pretty significant osteoarthritis in both hips,” says Incledon.

I love the way my hips feel after treatment with this technology.”

The BLT Emsella is one of our brand-new tools for helping patients feel better and pairs well with our other holistic strategies. It could be the right fit for your personalized wellness plan at Causenta.

If you are interested in learning more about how this technology may help you feel better, contact us today for a consultation.


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