Exercise Therapy

Exercise Therapy Can Help Acute or Chronic Pain

If you’re already in pain, usually the last thing you want to do is exercise. It’s often seen as counterintuitive: exercising seems like it would make the pain worse, not better. However, prolonged rest and inactivity can lead to a loss of flexibility, strength, and endurance which can then lead to more pain. It can ultimately become a never-ending cycle.

Exercise has been proven to help relieve pain and prevent more pain in the future. When you exercise to relieve pain, you’re more active during your recovery period, so when the pain is gone you can easily return to your normal lifestyle.

Human Health Specialists has an exercise physiologist who has spent 9 years designing exercise programs and helping people learn how to exercise properly to relieve their pain and lead pain-free lives.

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Do the right exercises for your body, fitness ability, and pain level

You need to make sure that you are doing the right exercises for your specific needs. That means that while you are picking your exercises you need to review your fitness level, your body’s needs, and your pain level. Making sure you are doing the right exercises for your specific needs and that you’re doing them correctly is extremely important: if you’ve never been shown the correct way to do an exercise, you put yourself at risk for making your pain worse or injuring yourself further. And, you may choose to work a specific part of your body because that’s the part that hurts; however, there may be other factors contributing to the pain.

Although you may be able to find some exercises for pain relief online easily, working with an exercise professional that specializes in chronic pain and rehabilitation can help make sure you:

  • Get out of pain as quickly as possible
  • Have the tools to stay out of pain
  • Improve your flexibility, strength, and endurance to prevent pain in the future
  • Help you find other contributing factors

All of this will help you lead a better, healthier and more enjoyable pain-free life. Come in for a consultation with our exercise physiologist and see what we can do for you.

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Get out of pain faster and don’t risk further injury

Do you want to get out of pain faster? Choose a professional with experience in dealing with chronic pain that can help relieve your pain fast and make sure you don’t do anything to make the pain worse. A professional will be able to help you find the right exercises, keep you interested, and help you stay motivated. Plus, they can help you set and achieve other fitness goals once your pain is gone.

We’re Different than a Personal Trainer

At Human Health Specialists, we’re not personal trainers and we’re not physical therapists. We are an alternative medicine and sports medicine clinic that combines established treatment methods with cutting edge therapies to achieve fast, lasting pain relief. We have a trained exercise physiologist on staff that specializes in relieving pain through exercise. We have worked with all types of people – from soccer moms to professional athletes – to eliminate pain and improve their lives. The exercise professionals at Human Health Specialists will:

  • Create a strategy to get you out of pain based on your unique needs.
  • Teach you the correct way to do the exercises and make sure you continue to do them properly.
  • Keep you on track to reach your goals.
  • Keep the exercises interesting so you stay involved & interested (Yes, we make it fun).
  • Help you discover if there are other factors that may be contributing to your pain.

The best part is you get all of this at an incredibly affordable price. So why suffer with pain for another second? Call us now at (480) 883-7240 or schedule your free consultation online.

Exercise Therapy

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