People speak about cervical cancer like it’s not a big deal. How concerned should I be?

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By: Dr. Thomas Incledon

People speak about cervical cancer like it’s not a big deal. How concerned should I be?

Cancer is a serious thing no matter the type or where in the body it is located. That is why early detection is key. Specifically, with cervical cancer, when it is found in early stages, the 5-year survival rate is approximately 92%, which is really good. That being said, if it is found in later stages, the statistics drop to about 60% for long-term survival depending on a few factors, one of which is race.

Because certain celebrity figures have announced they faced cervical cancer or had cervical cancer after their treatment is complete, sometimes it can seem like a less serious cancer. Being in the public eye, but not showing visible signs of cancer treatment or taking time away from public appearances can make cervical cancer seem less serious, but that is not necessarily the case.

For instance, sports reporter and former Dancing With the Stars contestant Erin Andrews kept her battle with cervical cancer secret until after having two surgeries to remove the cancer. According to her interview with magazine, her surgeries were done during football season, a time in which she is on-camera basically every week. The whole time she looked great and based on her outward appearance, no one would know she was battling cancer.

She is a healthy woman who exercises and eats a variety of foods, has access to medical care yet she still developed cervical cancer. “It’s important and great that she is helping to spread awareness about her experience and cervical cancer in general,” says Dr. Tom Incledon, Founder and CEO of Causenta. “Women need to be more aware of the causes and symptoms because early detection is key in saving lives.”

In Erin’s case, there was no family history of cervical cancer and prior yearly exams had always delivered normal results. This is just another example of how important yearly screening with a gynecologist is for detecting cervical cancer. Erin had not experienced any pain, fatigue, or other symptoms of cervical cancer at the time of her diagnosis.

Treatment options for cervical cancer often include surgery, especially if found early. Because this solution does not have the same side effects as chemotherapy, people have the perception that the treatment is less serious or harsh. However, surgery comes with its own set of concerns, including pain following the procedure and potential fertility challenges down the road.

Regardless of treatment options and side effects, cervical cancer is a serious health concern and should be taken seriously. Incledon stresses that being aware of symptoms and talking about cervical cancer causes with young women is key to prevention, especially when paired with annual screenings and tests. Because cervical cancer is highly treatable when found early, women need to understand their risks to make informed decisions about their long-term health.

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