Joint Pain Basics

What is Joint Pain?

Joint pain is a growing epidemic that’s not always given the attention it deserves from healthcare professionals including doctors. Joint pain is sometimes called arthritis or arthralgia; it’s a debilitating problem if not dealt with promptly and appropriately. Have you ever woken up in the morning feeling achy? Does it take you a while to get going? Maybe the joint pain lasts all day and even affects your ability to sleep? Doctors and physicians are too busy popping us with pills to deal with the pain which usually have a host of side effects and even gets us hooked on them.

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Joint pain itself can be excruciating to live with and the consequences that this pain brings to your normal daily living can be mentally exhausting – not being able to do your normal daily physical tasks such as getting out of bed, walking down the stairs, carrying groceries, or even driving the car.  In fact, record numbers of individuals are opting for hip, shoulder, and knee replacements, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Who Suffers from Joint Pain?

We all suffer from joint pain at one time or another in our lives. Joint pain can be a result of many issues such as overuse of the joints, the aging process, specific medical issues, and there may be a genetic component to it. Certain lifestyle factors including smoking, medications, exercise, and dietary intake may even influence joint pain.  Fortunately, we can control what we eat and the exercise that we do which play a large bearing on how long the pain persists, how you manage the pain, and your chances of developing further joint pain issues. Our bodies are a lot like cars or even bicycles; if you know your way around a car or bike, it’s a simple way of understanding how the human body works. If you ensure you fuel it and use the appropriate oils it runs smoothly, it doesn’t break down, and it’s more efficient. The same can be said for the human body if you chose the right food and nutrients it runs smoothly.

Joint Pain Relief

A food supplement called collagen hydrolysate appears to be effective in relieving joint pain, regenerating cartilage, and it has an anti-inflammatory effect. Relief of osteoarthritis pain in the knee or hip was noted in a study of patients receiving 10 g collagen hydrolysate daily over a 2-month period.  In fact, many clinical studies have shown that a daily dose of 10 g of collagen hydrolysate to be effective for a wide range of issues including patients that have undergone the surgical repair of joints. Administration should be at least over a period of 3 months. It is very safe and does not react with drugs or other foods or food ingredients, making it a much more sensible option for the treatment of long-term joint pain than other medications.

Joint Pain Basics

CH-Alpha contains collagen hydrolysate that can reduce joint pain

If you’re suffering from joint pain, consider natural options like collagen hydrolysate, therapeutic exercise, or dietary changes that reduce inflammation. In many cases, these natural options can reduce or eliminate joint pain without the need for harmful drugs or invasive surgeries.

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