Overcoming Injury and Eliminating Pain

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By Causenta Wellness

When you injure yourself, it’s stressful. It’s most often something you were not expecting to happen, and it interrupts your life. Maybe you ruptured a disc in your back or tore your meniscus.

Now, you can’t participate in life the same way you used to, so not only can you not move easily and have pain, but you are missing out on playing golf with your buddies or going on a bike ride with your family. 

For others, maybe you are experiencing side effects from chemotherapy or an autoimmune condition that are negatively impacting your quality of life. Or, maybe the pain is associated with disease progression and you need to get things under control before it’s too late.

Let’s Address The Cause of Pain

Regardless of your circumstance, the team at Causenta is committed to helping you achieve your wellness goals and feel your best. In order to help patients overcome an injury and eliminate pain, we need to understand the root cause of the pain.

“I founded Causenta based on my understanding of the body, science, and the desire to help people achieve wellness without relying on medications and surgeries,” says Dr. Tom Incledon, Founder & CEO of Causenta.

“We use a variety of state-of-the-art tools that help us better understand what is happening in a person’s body. The tools don’t know what diagnosis you have whether it’s cancer, a torn muscle, or whatever.”

Let’s Look Deeper

Incledon’s team members – who are skilled and trained specifically – use those tools to help patients move better and feel better. 

No matter the underlying cause, in order to overcome an injury and manage pain, a care team must understand an individual’s brain processing and what rewiring is required to correct any misfires.

Pain management can be a complicated process; decreasing inflammation in the affected area is one of the core strategies for helping the body heal and minimizing pain. 

Let’s Reduce The Pain

The good news is that there are non-invasive ways to address inflammation without taking medication. This includes physical therapy and exercising to increase range of motion.

There are also several electromagnetic technologies that can be applied to the body to help decrease inflammation and help boost the body’s natural healing process.

The BTL Emsella, ARPWave, PowerDot, Compex, and Deep Muscle Stimulator (DMS) are all state-of-the-art technologies we offer at Causenta that use energy to effectively minimize inflammation and support muscle functionality for cancer patients, people with injuries, athletes, and those with autoimmune conditions.

The PowerDot is so small and fairly affordable that patients can choose to get one of their own for on-going use. 

The Causenta Advantage to Pain Management

At Causenta, our first rule of thumb is trying to prevent yourself from getting hurt by utilizing better exercise techniques.

“Preventing an injury costs less in time and money,” says Incledon. “There is a lot of free information available – check our YouTube channel and site – on how to find exercises and techniques that will help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals while being as safe as possible.”

Once an injury occurs, it is important to make an informed and smart decision. “I’ve seen it before, someone comes in after surgery and without the results they were expecting and don’t understand why,” says Incledon.

“I think it’s simple. Pain and swelling can cause people to make a rash decision because they are uncomfortable and freaking out.” Incledon recommends trying the easier, less expensive route first, i.e. physical therapy.

“You can always get surgery if the exercise route won’t work,” he says. “This is especially true with people who have back pain since surgery rarely works for these patients.”  

We Look At Your Case From Different Angles

At Causenta, we take out the guesswork for patients. “What we do is have two experts see you at the same time, looking at the same MRI so that you have all the facts to make the right decision from the beginning,” he says. “This way you eliminate wasted time, energy, physical therapy efforts, surgeries, etc.”

In some cases, if tissue is turned upside down or there are loose bodies in a joint cavity, surgery cannot be avoided, but in many cases, it can be. Think about this, you have two identical cases of a knee tear, but you handle them in two different ways. Which would you prefer?

Case 1

You have surgery. The doctor places your knee in a brace, which doesn’t allow the knee to move for several weeks. You do limited physical therapy, but will not have maximal muscle activation around the knee.

By the time the surgeon allows for full range of motion, the muscles around the knee will have atrophied and be weaker than they were before the injury. Now, you need physical therapy to rebuild the muscle, which will take three months or longer working an hour a day for three to five days per week to fully rehab the knee.

Plus, you have the bills to deal with from medications, the hospital, anesthesia for surgery, physical therapy, and more. Some expenses may be covered by insurance, but not everything.

Add to that, this ordeal has been an unpleasant experience and now you don’t want to exercise because of the association with physical therapy, which negatively impacts your long-term healing from the injury and overall health. 

Case 2

You come to Causenta. We can provide injury treatment immediately with no painkillers, no anesthesia, and no surgery.

With electromagnetic field therapy and physical therapy, you will feel better not only from a pain management perspective but also because you can move more easily.

Now, you ask: What else can I do? So, we are creating positive change in people long-term. “Insurance typically does not cover this treatment model, but you’ll come out ahead in almost all cases,” says Incledon. 

Don’t Have A Team Or Facility Like The One At Causenta Near You? 

Don’t worry! We can help with your pain management concerns no matter where you live. Visit our website, www.Causenta.com, and schedule a free consultation for customized recommendations.

If you want to know more, you can schedule additional paid phone or online consultations with a team member who is best suited to handle your needs and case.

We’ll Help You Kickstart Your Program

“We understand that for some people it is too hard or expensive to travel, so we offer suggestions of what you can do at home,” says Incledon.

“But, if you want optimal results, you have to go somewhere for full treatment. You can fly in for a few days or a week to kickstart a pain management or wellness program.” Often patients have such great results, they wish they had stayed longer. 

Ongoing Care Is Also Beneficial

For patients battling cancer or an autoimmune condition, they usually stay for six weeks or longer (up to months) to ensure they address all of their health concerns – from pain management to nutrition and ultimately, beating cancer.

“Patients that stay here are making measurable progress and they can see they are getting better and creating a better future,” says Incledon.

We want to help you start your journey to feeling better today. To schedule your 30-minute consultation to address your pain management or injury concerns now, click here. Please remember to give us as much information as possible so that we can connect you with the care team member that will be able to best help you. 

About Causenta

Recognized as one of the most complete non-toxic wellness clinics and alternative cancer treatment centers in the nation, Causenta offers an array of cutting edge technology, a state-of-the-art facility and personalized medical protocols not found anywhere else in the world.

There is no one-size-fits-all treatment. Instead of taking what we call the Band-Aid approach to your health and performance, we focus on discovering the ROOT CAUSE of what is holding you back.

Since 1992, our highly experienced and trained doctors have combined traditional medicine and break-through therapies to provide patients the right treatment for even the rarest conditions.

  • Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy somewhere else are reporting little to no side effects when they’re working alongside our oncologist.
  • We have been able to permanently treat different kinds of neuropathy in as little as one day up to a week.
  • We have seen patients that haven’t been able to walk for years, walking out of our clinic in perfect balance.
  • Radiation, chemotherapy and surgery are always the last resort to treating cancer at Causenta.

At Causenta, everyone is committed to finding the root cause of your problem. We won’t stop until we find it. We don’t quit on our patients. To learn more about how we can help, please contact us today!


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