Put pain in your rearview mirror with ARPWave treatment.

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By Causenta Wellness

Put pain in your rearview mirror with ARPWave treatment.

At Causenta, we care about our patients’ health, well-being, and overall ability to lead a full, active, and happy life. We work with each patient to create personalized plans to achieve this goal. While specifics will vary based on each patients’ needs, including diet, exercise, and health status, we often employ technology tools to provide solutions that are non-invasive and medication-free. The use of technology also keeps our dedicated and expert team at the forefront of patient care, research, and best practices.

For patients who are experiencing joint pain or muscle pain, the ARPWave treatment can provide relief quickly and effectively. The ARPWave is a device that sends an electrical signal into the body alleviating pain and discomfort. This technology can be used on patients who have an injury or on-going joint paint, as well as patients with chronic pain caused by conditions like diabetes. The ARPWave can also decrease pain that develops as a side effect of chemotherapy.

“Living without pain can have more than just a physical effect,” says Dr. Tom Incledon, Founder & CEO of Causenta. “It can boost your mood and help you feel more positive, which is especially important if you are recovering from an injury or undergoing cancer treatment.”

In addition to use in pain management, this tool can also help people get stronger. The electrical signal stimulates certain nerves and muscles improving functionality and healthy cell growth in an affected area. This can also lead to an increased range of motion.

The Way It Works

One of Causenta’s caring team members will attach an electrode to an area that is causing you pain. For example, if your left shoulder is bothering you, the electrode would be attached there. Additional pain spots can be located and the ARPWave can treat up to three areas at once. Known as compensated areas, different parts of the body can react to one another amplifying the pain. These areas are found through a patented, non-invasive process that searches the body’s unique biomarkers to locate compromised tissues before developing a patient-specific healing protocol. Thanks to its highly advanced technology, in as little as one hour, a patient can be pain-free thanks to ARPWave treatment.

This tool been used by more than 300,000 patients and is one of our most popular technologies. ARPWave treatment can be effective immediately but will have the longest lasting results after several treatment sessions.

If you are interested in learning more about how this technology may help you or a loved one alleviate pain, contact us today for a complimentary 30-minute consultation.


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