When it comes to your health, doing nothing can have a high cost

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By Causenta Wellness

When it comes to your health, doing nothing can have a high cost

When you hear the phrase “return on investment” or “ROI,” you immediately understand that when you shell out some cash, you get something in return. Maybe it’s a large sum thanks to a business investment or it could be making amazing memories with family on a nice vacation; either way, there’s still an ROI you can feel good about. But, when it comes to health, people often want to keep hard-earned money in their pockets instead of investing it in themselves and their ability to enjoy the quantity and quality of life.

With the changing landscape of healthcare in the U.S., many patients are also confused about what is or is not covered by insurance and are afraid to incur medical bills that may be more expensive than they think. So, they avoid going to the doctor or having that follow-up test. But what is the cost of doing nothing? 

It can be quite high, especially if you have symptoms that you ignore or have conditions that doctors want to monitor on a regular basis. The challenge with delaying visits to the doctor for wellness check-ups or follow-up tests is that you are actually making your healthcare more expensive. Typically, the sooner you treat a condition, the less it will cost. For example, if you let chronic back pain fester for a year, what might have been treatable with physical therapy is now in need of a surgical procedure, which not only costs much more, but is also riskier for the patient. This scenario is also true with cancer patients; when cancer is found early, treatment typically has a better prognosis for remission and costs less. 

“I urge everyone I know to get regular check-ups, to eat healthy foods, and to exercise,” says Dr. Tom Incledon, Founder & CEO of Causenta. “I do this for a few reasons. One, I want people to be as healthy as possible. Two, I want them to have baseline data to measure against. This way if someone experiences changes in his or her body, that person is well-equipped to go to the doctor and get quality answers and information. Three, the more aware people are of their own health, the more preventative they can be in regard to developing a serious disease that progresses so far that they are at risk of dying or having to empty their retirement funds to pay for treatment.”  

The key takeaway here is: DO SOMETHING. Be proactive when it comes to your health. You only have one body and one chance at life, so take care of yourself. While a check-up may cost you $400 or more today, that yearly exam could save you tens of thousands down the road if you wait four years and then find out you have stage III cancer. Invest in yourself; you are worth it. After all, cancer doesn’t wait. Why should you?

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