The Dos and Don’ts of Detoxifying

Detoxing The Right Way

You can’t shop in the natural food aisle or scroll through social media without seeing a detox tea, shake, green juice or cleansing diet program.

The word “detox” has been overly used by marketers to make consumers believe that certain products can remove chemicals from the body. Their false claims and fear-mongering tactics make us question whether our body’s processes are working as they should.

Here are a few facts, straight from Dr. Tom, that you need to know.

  1. There has not been one piece of scientific evidence supporting detox products working better than exercise
  2. Your liver, kidneys, and organs do a darn good job of detoxing
  3. If you really want to detox more– all you need to do is sweat.

So let’s break this down.  But first the disclaimer…

If you believe that you are experiencing a health condition that would benefit by the removal of chemicals from your body, please reach out to us or another medical professional. Testing and evaluation will help you to narrow down the actual chemicals in your body and find a strategy to help you feel better.  Consuming products with high doses of minerals or nutrients without the support of medical care could be inadvertently harmful or make your condition worse.

You can support your body’s natural detoxification process through a healthy diet, rich in fruits and vegetables, and staying well hydrated. You can also help to eliminate chemicals from the body through sweating.

Sweating from physical activity is far better than saunas, and we’ve already established that it’s far better than supplements.

Exercise and Sweating

The Dos and Don’ts of Detoxifying

Here are a few suggestions to break a sweat:

  • EWOT (stands for exercise with oxygen therapy) has so many benefits, it’s by far my recommended method to sweat.
  • Encourage sweating by being well hydrated prior to exercise and drinking during exercise.
  • Exercise in clothing that promotes more sweating, but do not cover your head.
  • Circuit training, such as 10-20 reps of 5-10 exercises consecutively with minimal rest. It’s a great way to combine strength training with cardiovascular training and encourage sweat.
  • Get outside! There’s nothing like some sunlight or humidity to help break a sweat. We don’t get a lot of humidity here in Arizona, but plenty of sunshine!

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